Interval Timer

Interval Timer is a flexible and easy to use interval training timer. It was the first interval timer available in the AppStore and, as a result, is the most refined.

Why use Interval Timer?

It allows you to specify an overall workout time as well as a Low/High intensity interval and rest time between sets. During the set, it will alternate between the high and low intensity intervals helping to increase stamina. This is perfect for cycling, running, lifting weights, exercise, workout, stretching, boxing, MMA, martial arts, circuit training, Crossfit, HIIT / HIT, etc.

The Presets allow you to easily create and save timers. Now, instead of going through and manually adjusting each setting, you simply load a preset and hit “Start” to begin your workout.

IntervalTimer will run in the background, even if you switch to another App. It will also continue to run when the screen is locked.

The sound themes let you tailor the sounds to your desired activity. Don’t like any of the dozens of preinstalled sounds? Don’t worry! You can record your own sounds.

What types of intervals can I create?

Interval Timer supports both symmetric and asymmetric intervals.

Symmetric intervals are simply intervals of equal duration.

Asymmetric intervals are intervals where one is longer than the other. In Interval Timer, it is easy to set them up so it is easy to workout with Tabata intervals (“High Intensity” = work, “Low Intensity” = rest). You can set the intervals to the same duration for symmetrical intervals.

Working out to music is not a problem. Start you music playing in the iPod app, then start IntervalTimer. The sounds will play over top of your music without interrupting it.