Round Timer

The Round Timer is a convenient round/boxing/sparring timer for your iOS device. It was the first round/sparring/boxing timer available in the AppStore and, as a result, is the most refined and stable.

Why RoundTimer?

It is a fully functional round/sparring timer that allows you to customize the length of the rounds, warning bell and resting period. Each of these intervals can be configured separately up to an hour. It will run in the background even if you switch to another App.

The Presets allow you to easily create and save timers. Now, instead of going through and manually adjusting each setting, you simply load a preset and hit “Start” to begin your workout.

With the sound themes, you can choose which alarm sounds to use: boxing/MMA, a relaxing Zen theme, and a few others. Don’t like any of the dozens of preinstalled sounds? Don’t worry! You can record your own sounds.

For large, loud environments you can plug your device into a stereo, or for small sessions put it in the corner of the mat. The Round Timer is great for any sparring or interval training: boxing, MMA, grappling / bjj, martial arts, yoga, meditation, crossfit, exercise, workout, stretching, etc.

Working out to music is not a problem. Start your music playing, then start RoundTimer. The sounds will play over top of your music, dimming the background music so that you never miss an alert.